We Are OFK is a very interesting project, as it’s a game about a virtual band, but that virtual band also exists in real life. OFK is very much a band that’s producing music, but they also set out to create a game to share some of their story. Such a unique idea is one that the team hopes will help them reach a unique audience as well.

Ian an interview with Games Industry, Creative director Teddy Dief spoke about the team/band’s goal in reaching a new audience with We Are OFK. Gamers are of course welcome, but there’s an interest in finding other types of audiences with this project as well.

The reality is that our primary target is not necessarily people who are steeped in games. Not that they’re not welcome, [but] we’re really trying to reach out to a broader audience. When we reach people who truly don’t play games and are uncomfortable with game mechanics, they often come at it from a different perspective, which is, ‘Oh, it’s interactive!’ and ‘I get more from this than I was expecting’.

[Creative director Teddy Dief]

This same sentiment was echoed by lead programmer Jarryd Huntley.

The approach to the tools and how we dealt with the wealth of content was a lot more movie-like, but we’re using a game engine, so the tools didn’t exist. But with the audience that we were looking for, besides people who don’t traditionally play games, one of the player types we had in mind were people playing as groups, whether it be couples or a group of friends.

[lead programmer Jarryd Huntley]

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