Minecraft has been updated to Ver. 1.19.40. This is quite an extensive update with lengthy patch notes. We’ve shared some of the notes below, but you can click over to read the full rundown with the link at the bottom of this post.


  • Getting killed by a renamed weapon now produces a death message with the item name
  • Getting killed by a mob with a renamed weapon now produces a death message with the item name (MCPE-162055)
  • The Roofed Forest, Savanna Mutated, and Birch Forest biomes use the correct grass colors (MCPE-34936)
  • Mobs no longer spawn within the bounds of an Ancient City (MCPE-153524)
  • Sweet Berries can now be planted on Farmland (MCPE-99632)
  • Changed bubble column strength to match Java Edition (MCPE-158858)
  • Scaffolds now burn at a more correct rate, 1/4 of an item (MCPE-42949)
  • Wither Skeletons can now spawn inside of Wither Roses (MCPE-110127)
  • Decreased the amount of hunger used while swimming to match Java Edition (MCPE-154452)


  • Ravagers can now be hurt by Evoker Fangs
  • Increased Ravager collision box size to match Java Edition (MCPE-142171, MCPE-45531)
  • Increased Ravager speed to match Java Edition (MCPE-48145)
  • Librarian Villagers can now offer Enchanted Books with Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding (MCPE-84906)


  • Players swimming above Mud will not have their screen covered (MCPE-153737)
  • Projectiles landing on Mud will not repeatedly shake (MCPE-153744)
  • Amphibious mobs no longer have trouble pathfinding around Mud Blocks (MCPE-153961)

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