Deadpool has been running rampant on the Marvel’s Midnight Suns social accounts, and lately he’s been “leaking” characters that will appear in the game. He’s been doing this by playing guessing games with fans, and so far Twitter followers have unearthed not one, but two more familiar faces set to appear in the game.

Confirmed by the artwork above, both Morbius and Venom are going to appear in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We don’t know the specifics of each role these characters will take on, but it’s likely at least one of them is going to be up to some trouble. Hopefully we get full breakdowns for their appearances in the near future.

Set in the darker, supernatural side of the Marvel Universe, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG from the creators of XCOM. As the Hunter, a legendary demon slayer with a mysterious past, you’ll lead a team of legendary Marvel heroes as they attempt to stop the Mother of Demons from completing an ancient prophecy and summoning her evil master, Chthon.

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