Nintendo has long since established the look and style of their characters over the decades, and that’s definitely true with the Mario series. There are detailed style guides and more for the likes of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and others, but things were quite different when Nintendo was just getting started with console gaming. That led to some rather unique designs in the early days.


Case in point, the image above, This compilation of pictures comes from an officially-licensed Nintendo book all the way back in 1986. Nintendo hadn’t clearly defined what any of the Mario characters looked like by this point, which paved the way for this interesting Princess Peach design.

The character looks pretty much unrecognizable by modern standards, with the pink dress being the only thing that clicks. Obviously Nintendo put together some official guides for what their characters look like as Mario and the NES became more popular, eventually getting us to the Peach design we have today.

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4M ago

Interesting to see this old design. I think they were right to change her design. There's something odd about her, her head and hair are like the size of the rest of her lower body. The modern design kept the blonde hair, pink dress and crown.


3M ago

Hah hah, it looks like her hairstyle was styled with the mushroom theme in mind.


3M ago

This is...actually not bad. Still prefer the current design though.