Hot Springs Story 2 heats up the Switch today

Sorry to spring this on you

27 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer/publisher Kairosoft continues their string of simulation releases by bringing Hot Springs Story 2 to the Switch today. This title is priced at $14 and takes up 205 MB of space.

Hot Springs Story 2 is a simulator game which allows players to create and manage their very own hot springs resort. What lies beyond the bath curtain? A “hot” new entry into the hotel sim genre!

Furnish your resort with Cauldron Baths, Footbaths, Open-Air Baths, and more. Create and customize your own world-famous hot springs resort. Entertain visitors with tons of facilities, including Ping Pong Tables, Stores, and Oil Drum Baths. Don’t forget to provide first-class local cuisine! Thrill foodie guests with everything from humble Ramen Stalls to fancy Sushi Restaurants. Give your grounds a splash of color with decorative plants and watch the seasons change throughout the year.

Baths also have a variety of effects, like relieving fatigue or promoting smooth, glowing skin. Placing a Beautician and Chocolatier near one of these baths will help you reel in guests who want to feel pampered.

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