Nippon Ichi Software has released another wave of details on Disgaea 7, and as usual, it’s an overwhelming amount of information. This time around, we learn about the “Seven Weapons of Origin,” characters, various Netherworlds, and even more classes. Of course, there’s also wealth of screens and art as well. You can check it all out below.

■ A Story of Restoring Bushido to Hinomoto

The story of Disgaea 7 is set in a Japanese style netherworld called “Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster,” which has been taken away its “Bushido” and is in shambles by the hands of demon admiral Opener.

The odd duo of lone samurai named Fuji and a Hinomoto otaku girl named Piririka set out on a journey spanning all of Hinomoto to obtain the legendary weapons known as the “Seven Weapons of Origin” in order to defeat the corrupt Oedo Shogunate.

Can Fuji, Pirika, and the odd balls they meet along the way regain the honorable Hinomoto once more…?

■ The Seven Weapons of Origin: Special Weapons That Possess Souls

The Seven Weapons of Origin are legendary weapons that possess souls, scattered throughout the Hinomoto Netherworld. Only those who are able to resonate with the souls within the weapon can wield them—weapons so powerful that they can “destroy even gods” in response to the wielder’s emotional state.

—The Seven Weapons of Origin are the most powerful among the Netherworld Sacred Treasures. By gathering these weapons, Fuji and company will obtain the power to stand against the corrupt Shogunate!

—During your journey, you will also meet those who are already skilled in the use of Sacred Treasures.

■ Unleash the Power of Legendary Weapons in “Shinuchi Mode”

The wielder chosen by a Seven Weapons of Origin will accumulate a “Shinuchi Gauge,” which can be used to enter “Shinuchi Mode” and unleash the power of the sacred treasure.

The character who enters this mode will gain stat boost nd be able to unleash unique special skills and techniques.

Utilize the legendary power passed down for generations in Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster to defeat the formidable foes that block your path forward!

—The requirements for increasing the Shinuchi Gauge vary for each character.

—The techniques available in Shinuchi Mode are super powerful.


■ The Seven Weapons of Origin That Resonate with Each Character

The Divine Sword: Kanzan Musashi

A divine sword that can cut through everything with the power to slice anything in two. When attacking, it severely reduces the opponent’s defense and deals heavy damage.

The Divine Staff: Tokugawa Tenge

A divine staff with absolute command over all things. When Shinuchi Mode is activated, it has the ability the “manipulate” nearby enemy units to move as instructed.

■ Main Characters

Fuji (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)

A triple threat of demon, cheap, and lazy, he is a demon with a devilish personality rarely seen in Hinomoto, which is rooted in the way of Bushido.

He was taught how to fight on the battlefield at a young age, and with the motto “If you win, you’re a hero; If you lose, you’re a servant,” he will do anything to win, whether that means a surprise attack or foul play.

He has a self-diagnosed allergy to human-like expressions, and has to cough up blood whenever he feels human emotions like love, friendship, and sympathy.

Piririka (voiced by Hiyori Nitta)

A spontaneous young woman who was raised happily in Wahei Netherworld. She strongly admires “Bushido-made” manga and movies, but receives a culture shock when she sees Hinomoto Netherworld for the reality that it is.

She is a naive and genuinely good person, and easily deceived as a result, but she is also strong at heart, believing that “every bad person must have had a reason for becoming bad.”

She is the CEO of a popular apparel company and is extremely rich, so she often tries to resolve things with money over malice…

Ao (voiced by Riona Imaizumi)

A young-looking girl who fondly refers to Fuji as “father.” She is wanted as “Hyougaki” for the destructive actions she has carried out “for father’s sake” throughout Hinomoto.

She has a strong desire for affection from Fuji and appeals for his attention everywhere she goes.

While she behaves like a spoiled child when it comes to Fuji, she shows no mercy to everyone else, and will chaotically destroy anyone who gets in her way with overwhelming power.

Wey-yasu (voiced by Takuma Terashima)

The timid, lazy, and narcissistic decorated Shogun of the Oedo Shogunate. His morning routine is to look at himself in the mirror. He has an unparalleled love for women, but even his housemaids find him irrelevant.

Perhaps because he lacks any real power, he does not think about his future, and amuses himself by hiring apprentice geisha and hosting banquets every day.

Despite being a decorated Shogun, he was also chosen as the wielder of the “Divine Staff: Tokugawa Tenge,” one of the Seven Weapons of Origin, and can be quite strong when he gets serious.

Seefour (voiced by Rina Kitagawa)

A phantom thief whose name is known in Hinomoto Netherworld. She only steals from those connected to the Shogunate, and is popular among the people as the “Phantom Thief Mouse ★ Girl.”

While she usually has a careless air about her, she is a gunpowder and arms freak who becomes a different person when she sees weapons or explosions—or gets a whiff of gunpowder. If she goes too long without smelling gunpowder, she will start to feel under the weather.

She seems to be collecting “Netherworld Sacred Treasures,” weapons unique to Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, for research purposes…

Suisen (voiced by Maki Kawase)

A boy with a mechanical body, he is the “Clairvoyant Magistrate,” one of the “13 Magistrates” of the Shogunate. He stands in the way of Fuji and company, who are on a journey to overthrow the Shogunate.

While he may look young, he is a self-aware biological weapon with high combat power. With his high information processing power, he fights by predicting the future based on gathered information.

He usually speaks in a plain, robotic tone, but sometimes speaks as childishly as he looks.

Higan Zesshousai (voiced by Yui Kondou)

A woman with the title “Zesshousai,” which is awarded to the strongest swordsman in Hinomoto. She is Fuji’s master who taught him the way of the sword. According to Fuji, “She is the strongest, evilest swordswoman in Hinomoto.”

She got tired of being too strong when fighting with a sword, so she is now in the process of mastering the spear.

She is arrogant and unmannerly, and simply loves fighting. If you get in between her and a fight, she will go berserk and will not settle down until you feed her delicious sweets.

■ Sub-Characters

Piichan (voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi)

A secretary Prinny who has worked for Piririka since she was a child. A special Prinny made just for Piririka, his appearance and manner of speaking is different from the average Prinny.

Although he is an outstanding secretary, he can be a bit too business-like and cold-hearted. He dislikes getting involved in work outside of his jurisdiction, and will sometimes desert Piririka when she is in a pinch to escape on his own…

Nitora (voiced by Shirayuki Tomoe)

A mild-mannered angel rescued by Fuji when she was being attacked by the Shogunate.

Many mysteries surround her, like what an angel is doing in the Netherworld, her objective, and her course of action.

Demon Admiral Opener (voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi)

Leader of the Kaigun, a military organization composed of trained demons. He appeared out of nowhere in Hinomoto Netherworld and took over the Shogunate, severely twisting the traditional ways of the Bushido.

He possesses the “Divine Fist,” one of the Seven Weapons of Origin. He rules over the samurai with his overwhelming military strength.

■ The Demon Admiral Who Rules Over Hinomoto, and His Gang

While Fuji and company set out to defeat the Oedo Shogunate, they encounter admiral Opener and his subordinates, “The 13 Demon Magistrates,” who are suppressing Bushido throughout Hinomoto. The Defense Magistrate Big Bull, who oversees the guard; the Ocean Magistrate The Again, who oversees the oceans of Hinomoto; and the Clairvoyant Magistrate Suisen, who can “foresee” things ahead of time…

Through battles against formidable foes, Fuji and company will gradually approach the truth behind the invasion of Hinomoto Netherworld.

—The 13 Demon Magistrates are strong, equally formidable foes. They are unavoidable if you wish to overthrow the Oedo Shogunate.

■ Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster Locations IntroductionOedo Netherworld

The center of Hinomoto, where the wandering samurai Fuji meets Piririka on a sightseeing tour of Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster.

Although the Oedo Castle that serves as the base of the Oedo Shogunate that rules over Hinomoto appears prosperous, the common people are forced to live in hardship under the oppressive rule of the Shogunate, which has become the puppet of Demon Admiral Opener.

The slums outside of the castle town are in an even more disastrous situation.

—Many tourists from other Netherworlds visit to see Oedo Castle.

Yokoha Netherworld

The first Netherworld that Fuji and Piririka visit after leaving Oedo Netherworld.

It features a high collar townscape strongly influenced by the Westernization of Japan. Rumor has it that the Shogun family has a villa here, where current Shogun Wey-yasu hosts luxurious banquets every day…

—Yokoha Netherworld is a world lined with high collar buildings unlike any other in Hinomoto Netherworld.

Iwashi Netherworld

A Netherworld within the superdreadnought universe Iwashi. It has the number one fish-catching haul among all the Netherworlds. The harbour, once constantly bustling with fishermen, has fallen into despair since the Ocean Magistrate The Again began imposing heavy taxes on sardines.

The children are always hungry because they do not have enough food for the day.

—Iwashi Netherworld was once a world where you could freely enjoy delicious seafood, until…

Hanchou Netherworld

Disgaea 7 A promised land for gamblers created under the leadership of the Shogunate. As a gathering spot for demons who dream of getting rich quick, it has a lively atmosphere.

Fuji and company will enter this Netherworld in search of one of the Seven Weapons of Origin, which is a prize at Hinomoto Casino.

—Hanchou Netherworld is a gathering spot for those looking to get rich quick.

Gero Onsen

One of the three great dark springs of Hinomoto. It is ruled by Onsen Magistrate Yubana. The grudge spring, which is filled with the grudges of the dead, is said to have a nourishing effect strong enough to revive even the dead.

The welcome that Fuji and company receive is so friendly that it is hard to believe it is under the rule of the Shogunate.

—Many tourists from other Netherworlds visit Gero Onsen to see the marvelous Oedo Castle.

■ New Playable Classes: Part II

Introducing the Death Princess and Giant Eye, two new monster characters making their debut in Disgaea 7!

Death Princess

An incredibly cute young lady who powers up or comes back from the dead when her allies die. Perhaps because of how old she appears, she is not very intelligent.

Giant Eye

A high-ranking creature of the Netherworld respected by monsters aplenty. When attacking, it randomly changes the enemy’s defense status.


One of the minions of the Netherworld. He explodes when thrown. They are the burdened souls of humans who have fallen to Hades, and pay off their sins through hard work.

Sea Angel

A shy monster who lives under the sea. She enhances all of her allies’ abilities. She is extremely durable, making her capable of supporting allies on the front lines. Other than standard support, she also has special abilities such as increased EXP.

Winged Warrior

An insect-type monster that uses its scales to scatter various status ailments. Due to its appearance, it is often avoided by not only humans, but monsters as well.


A living corpse that rose from the grave. He devours others to sustain himself. His high attack and defense power make him a great choice for melee combat.


The ruler of the Netherworld skies. He gets stronger when attacked. His powerful, wide-ranged attack overpower his enemies.

Flora Beast

A monster with a human upper half and flower lower half. Her therapeutic fragrance and beauty both heals and supports her allies.


A knight who embodies demonic dignity. His sturdy armor reduces physical damage. Thanks to the range of his lance, he is skilled at both offense and defense.

Evil Eye

A cow-type monster with an evil eye in each hand, who tends to look down. Although usually timid, she can be deadly. She has the means to lower the enemy’s defense.

Kit Cat

A tomboy cat girl who specializes in martial arts. She overwhelms her opponents with the array of moves she can make including various counterattacks and additional attacks.


A beautiful she-devil who seduces men. She toys wit their hearts to weaken them. She has various talents that allow her to pinpoint enemy weaknesses. Although other she-devils find her easy to hate, she gets along with Kit Cats for some reason.

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