Henry’s House’s store management sim, Kardboard Kings, has been announced for Switch, and the title is set to arrive sometime in December 2022! Along with that, details on a free updated dubbed Card Game Island were shared. Card Game Island which allows players to play Warlock, the in-game card game. Use the heart of the cards to make your way to the top in this new roguelite deckbuilder and see if you can conquer… Card Game Island.

You are the newest owner of a local game shop in the thriving town of Parakeet Bay. Live the ultimate card enthusiast dream! Collect, buy, and sell rare cards to drive your sales up and develop a bond with the locals to increase your reputation. Beautify your space by decorating from a wide assortment of unlockable embellishments and awards to solidify your spot in the Kardboard Kingdom!

You can see more details about Kardboard Kings below.

Buy, Sell, or Flex - Buy low, sell high, or just add Cards to your showcase for all to see!

Collect Over 100 Unique Cards - From ripping open booster packs, to buying singles, you’ll uncover dozens of vibey Cards featuring illustrations from stacks of talented artists! (Plus their rare, shiny variants!)

Master An Ever-Changing Market - Reprints, rumours, rule changes, kids’ meal promos, thieves, and church condemnations (the usual suspects) will all affect the price of your treasured cards. Think fast!

Win the Hearts of Customers - Befriend regulars by tracking down their requests, help build their decks, and become a part of a sleepyu seaside town! Or just rip them off and feel their wrath!

Build the Perfect Shop - New management means new branding - create your dream shop with a catalogue of walls, flooring, furniture, and knickknacks; everyone loves a good chia pet, right?

Solve the Mystery - All is not what it seems on the seaside! The appearance of a mysterious masked thief leaves locals wondering who to trust with their precious Cards! Who is this shadowy character? And just what are the Legendary Cards?

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