Whenever a notable new game comes out, the Digital Foundry team is eager to get inside and tear it apart…technically speaking. Now that Bayonetta 3 is officially available worldwide, Digital Foundry has let loose with their latest technical breakdown, and they’ve come up with some mixed results.

While Bayonetta 3 certainly has moments where it visually shines, there seem to be a few technical hiccups along the way. You can see the complete analysis from Digital Foundry above, but if you’re just looking for a few quick notes and specs, you can get those details below.

  • textures are often low resolution and muddy in appearance
  • image quality is sub-par
  • performance is remarkably unstable
  • leans heavily on dithering
  • docked runs at 810p
  • portable mode falls below 720p to a resolution just below 480p
  • many of the cutscenes are rendered fully in real-time
  • certain sequences are now displayed as video clips with compression artefact
  • cutscenes retain the target 30 frames per second
  • gameplay rarely touches 60fps

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