Another week, another special collection of Pokémon anime episodes! Pokémon Co. has once again pieced together a grouping of similarly-themed Pokémon episodes, and this time the theme is sleeping!

You might think the best adventures happen while you’re awake, but remember that if Ash hadn’t overslept on his first day as a Trainer, he might have ended up with a different partner Pokémon instead of Pikachu! In honor of Pokémon TV’s new ASMR content promoting sleep and relaxation, here is a selection of Pokémon the Series episodes devoted to sleeping, dreaming, napping, and oversleeping.

From Pokémon that cause unusual dreams or fall asleep in inconvenient places to Trainers that oversleep, you might be tempted to indulge in a quick catnap watching Ash and friends as they rest their eyes. Just be sure to pick up where you left off because you won’t want to miss a second of this epic journey.

Tune in over the next two weeks to check out Halloween-themed episodes on Pokémon TV,, and on the Pokémon TV mobile app. Remember, the app is also available for Switch!

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Sleepy episodes before a late sleepy stealth release for pokemon sleep!?