Wayward Strand is getting a new update soon, although we don’t know the release date. What we do have to share today is the patch notes. Check out the full rundown for what the Version 1.0.4 update will include below.


  • The Iilk storyline can now be experienced in full, and the ‘Iilk Fan’ achievement/trophy can now be correctly attained.
  • When the appropriate conditions are met, Casey is actually given the option to “tell a white lie”, and the ‘White Lie’ achievement/trophy can now be correctly attained.
  • More opportunity is now given for Casey to follow up on Margot’s request, to ensure that it’s reasonably possible for the ‘Careful With Your Words’ achievement/trophy to be attained.
  • Fixes an issue where, after 5:30pm, the potential things that Casey or other characters could say and do were being significantly curtailed.
  • Casey should no longer become stuck when accompanying Lily during her afternoon rounds on the first day.
  • During Lily’s afternoon rounds on the first day, improvements have been made to the scene direction, and how Casey is managed, in Tomi’s room.
  • On day 2, when Joe is helping Esther from the cafeteria, he will no longer float and the wheelchair will not appear in duplicate.
  • On day 2, when Casey is changing the record for Mr Pruess, she will now walk around Mr Pruess, instead of through him, and her bag won’t float.
  • During day 2, Casey should no longer get stuck with Ted for long periods.
  • At the end of day 2, Casey should no longer become stuck by the nurse’s station if she’s around when Ruth calls in.
  • Casey won’t running ahead of Tomi, when choosing to follow her.
  • Ted will no longer try to start a conversation with Casey, when she’s on the far side of the cafeteria.
  • Increases audibility of Neil, when Lily is attempting to cheer him up on day 3.
  • Increases audibility of dialogue between Casey and Ida when Casey is departing Ida’s room.
  • Casey should no longer be given the option to pick up a book, if she is already holding soup.
  • Fixes props being in an inconsistent state on day 3, if transformed by story events on day 2.
  • Resolves some more instances of characters talking over themselves.
  • Minor improvements to story logic.
  • Minor improvements to scene timing and direction.
  • Fixes typos.

Game Menus

  • Players will no longer have the option to start from a chapter if the required save data is missing.
  • Players will no longer get stuck in loading, when attempting to load a save file that doesn’t exist.
  • Hitting the back button will now correctly leave the chapter select screen.
  • Updated credits.

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