After a successful stint on PC, the murderous cooking sim Godlike Burger is available on Switch today. Players can become a space-traveling chef and manage their intergalactic diner on Switch, and at a limited-time price as well. Godlike Burger is normally $20, but a special 20% launch discount is available, temporarily dropping the price to $16.

In Godlike Burger players attempt to create the best burger in the galaxy using only the most delicious ingredients available - their own customers! Players have to lure customers into traps and then turn them into delicious patties, manage their restaurant - and avoid getting caught.

By catering to their customers’ preferences for different kinds of alien meat, upgrading the kitchen and their repertoire, they improve their restaurant’s reputation and can afford to travel to new planets. But they should never stay in one place too long because the space police are always on the lookout for the crazy culinarian with a bloody cleaver.

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