Microids has detailed the content of Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch’s digital bonuses in a brand-new video. This content is included in the retail ‘Limited Edition’ of the game, and will be sold separately as a DLC on digital stores.

Developed by the studio Aesir Interactive, the game invites players to saddle up in a full-on equestrian open world adventure. Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch is set to release in Europe on Switch November 3rd, 2022. In North America, the game is already available on Switch.

The DLC includes:

  • An additional horse breed, the ‘Irish Cob’
  • 3 “Unicorn” Style Tack Sets
  • 3 exclusive outfits for your character
  • A unique avatar hairstyle in three color variations
  • 3 “Knight” Style Tack Sets

Irish Cob horses have a stocky, solidly built appearance and are usually shown and traded at traditional horse fairs. Their gentle and friendly nature make them a very popular breed! The DLC will allow players to encounter this breed in the wild.

In Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch, players will be tasked with restoring their family’s run-down estate back to its former glory. This quest will set them on a delightful open world adventure where they’ll explore the peninsula’s gorgeous and varied landscapes, from the colorful seashore of Coral Lagoon to the lush forest of Birchwoods.

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