Publisher Regista has announced that their first-person horror game ENOH is launching on Switch today. The game is normally priced at $11, but you can get in on a limited-time launch discount of 27%, making the game just $8.

ENOH is a survival horror first-person game. The goal is to place a sacred card in each classroom while avoiding the spirits. By placing cards, you can exorcise the spirits from these classrooms, but you’ll have to solve a few riddles along the way as well.

ENOH takes place in a newly-established private high school. The school is temporarily closed due to a series of unexplainable incidents, and it’s your job as a medium to see what’s going on. You’ve also learned that one of the school’s students is missing, and time is not on their side. Can you seal the spirits away, find the missing student and restore peace to the school?

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