Hollowmend, Viridian Software and Soft Source Pte are proud to announce that Pirated Code: Admin Edition, a lighthearted and wholesome visual novel, launches for Switch today. The title is priced at $11 and takes up 261 MB of space.

Pirated Code: Admin Edition is a visual novel thrown into intergalactic scenarios with flirtatious and wholehearted characters who have tough decisions to make.

A tsundere AI finds themselves waking up on a ship confused and missing memories. Annoyance is the theme when it’s discovered not to be just an ordinary ship but a smuggler’s ship of all things. With these new crewmates Seren the AI has no choice but to work alongside these slightly irritating smugglers in order to recover missing memories that could tell them what their original directive was.

A leap into the future, memories of the past, and a step into a situation that is funny, entertaining, and somewhat mysterious. This interactive visual novel features colorful and expressive characters in a galactic and captivating story in which the player can uncover secrets, alternate endings, and discover unlockable content.

Join Dex and Seren on a journey to discover if Seren was meant to be just a smuggling ship’s AI or much more than either of them knew…

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