Publisher ARTE France, developer Florian Veltman (Monument Valley 2 / Assemble with Care / Lieve Oma) and author Baptiste Portefaix (Oniri Islands) are proud to announce that their game, How to Say Goodbye, a narrative puzzle game full of poetry, is launching on Switch today. How to Say Goodbye is priced at $13 and takes up 1.1 GB of space.

How to Say Goodbye follows a character a few moments after their death, recounting their journey in an unknown world after life. The player will have to help the ghost accept his death and pass to the other side in this liminal space after life, populated by various spirits, some of them benevolent.

To do so, they will have to move the different game elements on a grid to guide the ghost to the exit symbolized by a door. But many obstacles will stand in their way, and lost spirits will try to stand in their way.

What do these mysterious ghosts who have given up all hope of ever moving on called the spleens want ? Who is the wizard, whose shadow and influence seem to extend all over the world of How to Say Goodbye?

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