As we mentioned earlier yesterday, Sonic Frontiers has unfortunately suffered a leak. The street date for Sonic Frontiers was broken by multiple retailers, and then some more unsavory people decided to rip the ROM and leak it online. Since then, social media has been filled with gameplay footage, music and major spoilers.

While there’s no doubt every developer at SEGA is upset about this situation, Sonic Frontiers sound director Tomoya Ohtani voiced his frustration about the matter on Twitter.

Please don’t leak the unreleased Sonic Frontiers tracks and spoil the game to everyone, it makes me sad to see people ruining the experience for others.

[Sonic Frontiers sound director Tomoya Ohtani]

Ohtani clearly feels the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack is something special, and he feels the music is best heard through the context of the game itself. Hopefully those who love the Sonic franchise have managed to avoid spoilers of all kinds, and can hold onto that safety until November 8th, 2022.

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