Ark: Survival Evolved just got a major update on Switch, bumping the game up to ARK: Ultimate Survivor Upgrade. This version of the game completely overhauls the game from the ground up, making for a much better experience on Switch. Now that we can enjoy the game as it was meant to be, we can start looking forward to future content!

Ark: Survival Evolved is getting some fresh content this Winter in the form of part two of the Genesis expansion. Today we’ve learned a bit more about this expansion, and it includes some rather famous talent.

The Genesis expansion will focus on the characters Sir Edmund Rockwell and Helena Walker, and now we know that Rockwell is voiced by David Tennant and Walker is voiced by Madeleine Madden. David Tennant needs no introduction, but just in case you don’t know, he’s most well known for playing the doctor in Doctor Who. As for Madden, you may know her from playing Egwene al’Vere in The Wheel of Time.

The Genesis expansion will include “new story cutscenes to introduce and conclude each ARK map” and voiceover by Tennant and Madden. Now we’re just left to wait for a more specific release date than Winter!

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