Studio Wildcard hosted its 8th annual Extra Life 24-hour charity stream this past weekend and with the help of the ARK: Survival Evolved community, sponsors and Extra Life team mates, they raised over $130,000 for children in need.

During that time, Studio Wildcard shared some updates and reveals for what’s next in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can see a complete breakdown of everything discussed below!

Survival of the Fittest Returns

Re-evolved from the ground up with redesigned mechanics, the Survival of the Fittest Crossplay Prototype will launch on Switch in 2023. Strive to be the last Survivor standing!

Carcharodontosaurus Spotlight

Get your first look at the Carcharodontosaurus, the latest creature just added to ARK with a brand new Creature Spotlight trailer. Carcharodontosaurus makes a triumphant entry to ARK with a noteworthy set of abilities that puts it in competition with ARK’s most feared carnivores!

Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery is a fact-filled ARK adventure that allows children to explore the Island without violence and learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that inspired the game. ARK: Dinosaur Discovery will launch Wednesday, November 9 exclusive on Switch and is free to download with the purchase of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition.

Expanded Story Content - Coming in December

New story cinematic cutscenes are being added to conclude each ARK map, featuring actors Madeleine Madden (The Wheel of Time) and David Tennant (Doctor Who) reprising their respective roles as Helena Walker and Sir Edmund Rockwell Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come!

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