The dev team behind Mini Motorways have announced that a patch is in the works for Switch. That patch doesn’t have a release date just yet, but we do have full details on what it will include. Check out the patch notes for the impending update below.

We’ve fixed an issue where the new touch screen auto-zoom feature was defaulting to disabled on some devices. This has been adjusted to default to enabled. Unfortunately if you disabled it prior, you’ll have to navigate to Options and disable it again. Our apologies!

We have addressed an issue that was preventing players from earning some Daily and Weekly Challenge achievements.

We’ve fixed a pathfinding issue with the road tile issues in Expert Mode. Some users noticed that cars weren’t always taking what appeared to be the shortest path – this is all fixed! For a more complex explanation if you’re interested – there are tiny variations in the speed of a road whether the concrete is “dry” or “wet” and this can affect how cars path.


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