The third person action game Sifu made its way to Switch just yesterday, a few months after the title arrived on other platforms. Turns out developer Sloclap didn’t have a Switch release planned from the start, but they did decide to take on the project while Sifu was still being developed for other platforms.

Since Sifu was already well into development by the time a Switch version was decided, that meant a lot of hard work had to be done to make the game work. In an interview with Nintendo Life, developers Sloclap revealed some of the challenges they faced in the process.

We are aiming for 30 fps and 720p throughout the game. Some important battle areas were difficult to reach in terms of frame rates, but we made sure to have the maximum comfort and quality possible for the player.


While the team did a very admirable job of bringing Sifu over, one piece of a future content update for all versions won’t see release on Switch. Sadly, the Replay Editor just isn’t possible in the Switch port.

All of the post-launch content updates that we have released for Sifu to date are available for the Switch version at launch. As we look towards the future, the only feature from our upcoming content updates that we will be unable to implement in the Switch version will be the replay editor. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have this feature work on Switch as we would have liked and so we have made the decision to remove it from this version.


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