There was a time when Falcom games were very hard to come by on Nintendo platforms. With the introduction of Switch, those days are long behind us. The latest proof of that comes from the next entry in the Ys series, which is officially heading to Switch in Japan sometime before Sept. 30th, 2023.

First details on the next Ys game came out in June of this year, but no platforms were confirmed at that time. Now that we know the game is Switch-bound, we can cover the tidbits that have been released thus far. It all starts with the concept art above, which freatures a young-looking Adol fighting a giant bird-like creature. The artwork also features an unknown woman wielding an axe and shield.

Here are the other details we know about the next Ys game:

  • this is the 10th numbered entry in the Ys saga
  • the team is looking to implement steadily-paced one-on-one combat
  • this new approach to combat will let the player watch the enemy‚Äôs movements
  • the gameplay is described as a lighter-feeling, Ys-style Soulslike
  • Adol is around the age he was in Ys I & II
  • the story might be set outside the Romun Empire
  • changing weapon attributes by swapping between party members will change significantly

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1+ y ago

I was wondering when the tenth one was coming out.