We learned quite some time ago that the Mortal Kombat movie from 2021 would be getting a sequel. The last film did quite well for Warner Bros. and remains one of their most-watched films on streaming services. It’s no wonder a sequel was greenlit, and according to one of the actors on the project, this follow-up will go all-out. had a chance to talk to Cole Young actor Lewis Tan about the next Mortal Kombat movie, and it seems like the plan is to go bigger and better. While there’s still hardly any story details out there, it’s clear Tan is excited about the project’s direction.

“…we’re full steam ahead. And now, we have Ed Boon with us as well, so we got the stamp of approval from the legend himself. #2 is just going to be absolutely insane. Way bigger.”

[Cole Young actor Lewis Tan]

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