SEGA Unveils All-New Speed Strats Series for Sonic Frontiers

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10 November 2022
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In celebration of Sonic Frontiers’ worldwide launch, SEGA has unveiled an all-new video series, Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats, showing players how to navigate the Blue Blur’s first open-zone adventure, collect Chaos Emeralds and outsmart the evil Dr. Eggman.

You can check out the first episode of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats above, and see below for a breakdown of the key gameplay features discussed in the first episode:

Challenges - Players can partake in various challenges to unlock new parts of the map, ways to fast travel and rewards. Unlocking your map can help you find Guardians, Cyber Space portals, memory tokens, and more! To find a challenge keep an eye out for the red circle with a question mark indicator. Be aware that some challenges can only be attempted at night, which will be indicated with a moon icon.

Cyloop - Cyloop can be used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, generate rings and gather collectables. Players can use the Cyloop around points with a treasure chest icon for the chance to unlock tons of memory tokens, portal gears, vault keys, and more. By drawing an infinity symbol with the light trail, Sonic will earn an Infinite Boost gauge for a short period of time. Players can also unlock Sonic’s Power Boost by collecting the maximum amount of rings that they can hold.

Rail Launching - The rails unlocked in challenges can be used as another form of fast travel. In order to rail launch, find a rail with a steep incline and activate Sonic’s Power Boost to take shortcuts and get to higher areas with ease. It’s best to hold both the Boost and Jump button while climbing.

Help From Kocos - As you find lost Koco, bring them to the Elder Koco to upgrade your speed and ring capacity. When leveling up over time, you can unlock abilities including faster wall climbing, more health against enemies and the ability to use the Power Boost forever without needing to obtain the maximum amount of rings. Bring Red Seeds of Attack and Blue Seeds of Defense to the Hermit Koco to receive upgrades helpful for combat.

Drop Dash - For the first time ever, the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania makes its way into 3D. Drop Dash is particularly useful when trying to climb up cliffs and mountains as the sudden burst of speed will launch you upward. You can also use it to roll down hills with ease.

Starfall Event - This special event takes place on random nights and will respawn enemies and items throughout the open-zone areas. During this time, a slot machine will appear on-screen, and by collecting fallen star pieces, Sonic will be able to use the slot machine as a chance to get purple coins for fishing.

Fast Travel - In Big the Cat’s fishing game, players can catch scrolls from the Elder Koco or Hermit Koco in the fishing ponds, which allows them to instantly teleport to them from the map’s Fast Travel page. Completely unlocking the map allows you to fast travel between Cyber Space and Fishing Spot portals.

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