Breakfirst Games and Just For Games that the INSTANT SPORTS series is coming to Switch with an all new installment. INSTANT SPORTS: All-Stars, which offers 8 sports/activities and 3 environments, will land on Switch July 4th, 2022.

INSTANT SPORTS: All-Stars can be played solo, but it’s most fun when you grab three other players for local multiplayer. Even better, you can use the Joy-Con’s motion-sensing abilities to enjoy sports like baseball, soccer, hockey, and more. Don’t worry, if traditional controls are more your style, you can use them as well.

Check out a few more details on INSTANT SPORTS: All-Stars below.

  • includes Baseball, American soccer, hockey, basketball, bowling, shooting, soccer
  • 3 environments - the warm atmosphere of a stadium, the energy of the city and the heat of the Far West..
  • 24 ways to extend the fun! Specific rules for each activity in each environment make every single sport session a real discovery!
  • A ton of collectibles to customize your character: hats, tops, bottoms and more… No room for fashion faux pas!
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