Long fall weekends just got spiced up with 4 new party titles from QubicGames to enjoy with your friends. Escape a trap-filled kitchen as a hot dog in Run Sausage Run, complete crazy mini-golf courses in Pocket Mini Golf 2, see gophers taking revenge for every session of whack-a-mole in Gopher’s Revenge. And when the dust settles, the ultimate battle royale may commence in Sausage Wars.

Run Sausage Run, Pocket Mini Golf 2 and Sausage Wars are available in the Nintendo eShop for 4.99 USD (2.49 USD with a release discount) and Gopher’s Revenge for 2.49 USD (1,99 USD with a release discount). If you buy one of these games, the others will be available for 0,99 USD each - this way you can enjoy a variety of experiences with your friends.

Apart from an engaging single player experience, all titles come with multiplayer modes and are tailored to enjoy in short sessions with other people. While individual struggles may be quick, you will rapidly develop a “let’s have another go” syndrom and the whacky games will dominate your party night.


The characters are sausages which brawl over domination of the kitchen sink! Take one of them, enter the battlefield and fight to death. Push your rivals off the edge or into a trap!!

  • Battle royale experience - players will control a sausage of their choice, fighting for a title of the last survivor with others and avoiding obstacles;
  • Three distinct game modes - Last Sausage Standing where you struggle to survive, Arena where you respawn to battle for a high score, and also a Teamfight; mode where you join forces with other players to win a team deathmatch
  • Varying environments - kitchen, garden, maniac’s lab: all of them display unique obstacles and provide countless ways to obliterate your foes.


The characters are sausages which try to run away from cruel humans. Take one of them, equip it with an epic skin and run. Watch out for traps, though. The place is littered with them!

  • Survival-runner experience - players will control a sausage of their choice, avoiding obstacles which can kill the character in an instant;
  • Two distinct game modes - Sausage Race where you score points for your placements and Panic Race where the last survivor wins;
  • Wide range of character skins - some of them are unlockable through achievements, while others can be bought with in-game currency;
  • Varying environments - kitchen, garden, beach: all of them display obstacles with unique animations and sausages’ death sequences.


Pocket Mini Golf 2 is an eye-pleasing 3D simulator in which you will hone your skill! Enjoy our simple yet addictive gameplay solo or with friends across over 100 courses!

  • Wide range of environments - players will explore 4 wonderfully crafted pocket worlds with over 100 unique levels decorated with attention to details;
  • High replayability - each level can be finished in multiple ways, providing even greater replayability value in combination with achievements;
  • Multiple game modes - Pocket Mini Golf 2 will suit everyone with Casual mode, endless Challenge and three multiplayer modes: Trial, Race and Gem Hunt;
  • Obstacles and power-ups - traps, teleports, launchers, speed bonuses, jump perks… Find a way around an obstacle or cross it using a power-up;
  • Unlockable customization items - such as fart sounds, colorful balls, crazy-shaped pennants and spooky trails with a lot of trophies to obtain.


Players take on a merciless gopher assault! Those cheeky little bastards are here to avenge their brothers massacred by humans in cruel arcade machines!

  • Simple and addictive gameplay - known well and cherished by all fans of retro arcade machines. Whack a gopher or two to score more points;
  • Cute little wombats - which you shouldn’t hit, otherwise your score will suffer;
  • Bloodthirsty boss - players have a limited amount of time before the giant mad gopher king arrives. Defeat this boss by focusing all hits on him at once;
  • Variety of enemies - regular gophers target you with kalashnikovs and rocket launchers. Meanwhile thunder and icy gophers increase the game’s speed or slow it down when you hit them. Precise targeting will allow different approaches to achieving high scores.
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