Everyone already knows that from a visual standpoint, Sonic Frontiers on Switch is quite different from what’s offered in the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions. The question is, just how different are things? Digital Foundry set out to compare all four versions of the title to find that answer.

Spending even just a few minutes with Sonic Frontiers on Switch shows you that a lot of visual cuts and changes are in place. Digital Foundry dug deep to find out some tech stats on the Switch version, and here’s what they came up with.

  • 720p when docked (roughly)
  • closer to 480p when in handheld
  • no global illumination pass on Cyber Space stages
  • global illumination in Open Zone areas, but the data is monochrome
  • textures are reduced in quality
  • large amounts of pop-in
  • motion blur is completely disabled
  • normal-mapped water ripples are completely gone
  • trees and other details use ‘lower than low’ settings
  • transparency effects are ultra low res and chunky
  • screen-space reflections are lower quality docked and removed completely in portable
  • lower-quality pre-rendered video
  • slower loading times
  • frame-pacing issues similar to other 30fps versions of the game
  • frame-rate regularly slips just below 30 fps

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