Pokémon Co. opens Pokémon Online Gallery

Like regular museums, but fun!

11 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Looking to take a trip down the Pokémon memory lane? With a franchise that’s been around since for 26 years now, there’s a rich history of games, cartoons, merch and more that’s been released. In honor of all the content created, Pokemon Co. has shared a special online gallery for fans to browse.

Pokémon Co. has just opened the Pokémon Online Gallery, which travels all the way back to the start of Pokémon to revisit designs, models, images and sounds from the franchise. There’s no doubt you’ll be hit with a huge rush of nostalgia while browsing, so prepare yourself!

If you’re ready for your virtual museum tour, you can get in on the fun through this link.

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