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Slicing up Switch in 2023

15 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth are bringing their cozy boss rush RPG Bound by Blades to the Switch sometime in 2023. While we wait for release date specifics, you can enjoy a new trailer above.

In this boss rush comfy crafting RPG mash-up, players choose one of three main characters, determine whether they’ll brave the evil foes alone or with a friend in online optional co-op, and embark on an intense-yet-charming adventure to save the land of Ashmyr and its tribes from a rising evil. It’s cute. It’s extraordinary. It’s pure pandemonium.

Bound by Blades’ high fantasy setting is complemented by charming characters and lovingly detailed environments, curious and friendly NPCs, and an enchanting digital artbook sketch style. Balancing the game’s cozy vibe, Bound by Blades features traditional RPG gameplay elements focused on crafting, looting, leveling gear, and enchanting weapons and armor for maximum damage in the onslaught of progressively challenging boss rush battles.

Designed to be a more approachable entry point to boss rush RPGs, developer Zeth added some valuable features for those seeking a forgiving experience, including the ability to change the difficulty setting via the main menu. Additionally, players can utilize various tools to help lock in boss attack sequences, making even the most challenging encounters less intimidating and purely satisfying.

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