Vigor has been updated to Version 13.1 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full patch notes for this latest update below.

Main Features & New Additions

  • New Premium Pack: Soldier of Fortune has arrived in the Premium Pack Store
  • Tutorial reworked and improved
  • Legacy Season 9 is here!
  • New in-game news system
  • New set of Vinyls accompanied by the Discophile II Title

Encounters, Shooting, Weapons, Tools, and Looting

  • Tweaked: Machine gun jump spread increased
  • Tweaked: Reload speeds of some Machine Guns have been increased to take a longer time
  • Tweaked: Machine Gun spread increased

Shelter, Battle Pass, Legacy Season Battle Pass

  • Fixed: Issue that would prevent in-game news from displaying when entering to your Shelter
  • Fixed: Butterflies and mosquitoes are now present only in summer weather
  • Fixed: Localization of the text informing players about completion of the Seasonal challenges
  • Fixed: Reset button in the Game Menu properly sets the options to their default values
  • Fixed: Consumable crafting UI showing instant craft prompt for already instant crafting times with maxed Water Distillation
  • Fixed: Wrong categories for gloves and backpacks in Battle Pass
  • Added: Adrenaline to Armory
  • Changed: Text describing the Reset button in the Game Menu, so it’s more clear what the button actually resets


  • Fixed: Description of The Trickster, Gadget Master and MacFiver challenge. The player should be able to accomplish the kills in any number of Encounters, not only one
  • Changed: The challenge “Behind Closed doors” now counts all loot events, not only Barred House

Elimination & Shootout

  • Fixed: Sawmill map behavior
  • Fixed: Pan and Zoom options on minimap in Elimination and Shootout game modes
  • Fixed: Minimap stays opened during transition to reward screen
  • Fixed: Hanging tarps being bulletproof
  • Fixed: The metal bars in the Fiske Fabrikk tunnel being bulletproof
  • Fixed: Kjerstin Dam edge railing being bulletproof
  • Fixed: Bulletproof Lighthouse (on Anniken) stairs and railing collisions

Audio and Visuals

  • Fixed: Multiple weather sublevels are loaded at once
  • Fixed: Melee hit animation not playing when being hit by Berry M12
  • Changed: UI in lobbies has been updated to display discounted booster prices during Booster Apocalypses

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