Season 8 of Knockout City is almost here! There’s a High Society Heist happening, and Commissioner Chase is investigating the notorious Red Hand Crew behind the mayhem. Brawl and burgle all Season long with intriguing new Playlists, a vault’s worth of new cosmetics, and the all-new Poison Ball for making some perilous plays.

What a haul! The Red Hand Crew’s holding the High Society Heist Brawl Pass hostage for the brawlers of Knockout City! Earn Holobux, Outfits and more as you level up your Free Brawl Pass through Contracts and XP and bring your heists to new heights!

If you wanna hang with Knockout City’s fanciest, then you’re gonna need some serious swagger! Pick up the Premium Brawl Pass for 950 Holobux and earn all the must-have styles of Season 8… It’s a steal! Level up your Brawl Pass and brawl as Voxanne Valentine herself, the sultry singin’ leader of the Red Hand Crew. Complete the Premium Brawl Pass to kick some bot as Mugshot, the decommissioned Magpie Security Bot turned mechanical muscle for Vox’s Crew.

This is your chance to score everything on your most wanted list – time to make a clean getaway, when High Society Heist launches on November 29th, 2022.


Oh, what’s that you say? A new TMNT Villains Event is coming this season featuring an incredibly wicked never-before-seen Playlist? Dude, that’s radder than free pizza! Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the Foot’s next move is to find out more…

There’s a lot more to learn about Knockout City’s 8th season, and you can find the full blog detailing everything here.

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