Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost, the rhythm game set in the Touhou Project universe developed by Unknown X, is getting a Switch release sometime in 2023.

Thanks to Touhou and Danmaku fans, the Campfire Japanese crowdfunding campaign achieved its 15 million yen goal within 30 minutes, with more than 80 million yen pledged to date. Thanks to this support, Unknown X announced its commitment to a Switch version also set to release in 2023.

Additionally, fans will get to enjoy a new theme song by Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets x Kayoko Kusano. Unknown X will also add additional supported languages, and an implementation of both the Mitama Card Index and a Music Cover Art Index within the PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

The beat goes on, with the campaign continuing until Monday, January 9, 2023, with additional stretch goals now available. Upcoming goals include a new rhythm-action game mode, and a possible physical release for Nintendo Switch.

Touhou DANMAKU KAGURA Phantasia Lost rose from the ashes of the shutdown of DANMAKU KAGURA on mobile platforms. Tap notes to the beat as they fly down increasingly difficult note charts, with boss fights presenting particularly fiendish challenges for rhythm game fans. Enjoy controls adapted for controller or keyboard setups, with a brand new story mode exclusive to the PC version written by Jin Fujisawa and Wakano Takeda of Story Note Co.

Unknown X, a group founded by JYUNYA (director of Touhou Genso Wanderer) that helps oversee the Touhou Project with the help of series creator ZUN, will publish the title worldwide. They are doing so in collaboration with Ryu’s Office, who helped with the promotion of Danmaku Kagura on mobile, and will continue to assist with the Steam version of the game.

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