Cellar Door Games has released a new update for Rogue Legacy 2; version 1.1.1 is only available for PC users in the first couple of days to ensure stability and then will be pushed to the Nintendo Switch version. Check out the patch notes below.


  • Crow Storm (Buff + QoL + Bug Fix)

A small tweak to make the Crow Storm work better on enemies that constantly chase.

-Crows now apply a small knockback to most enemies.

-Crows now move faster and have a slightly higher turn rate.


  • Native versions of Rogue Legacy 2 are now available for Mac and Linux.


  • Added some text to clarify that the bonuses from the Totem apply to all Classes.
  • Updated Credits.


  • Fixed bug where damage popups were appearing behind the Interact prompt when attacking Lady Quinn.
  • Fixed bug where resetting the Skill Tree via House Rules would lock the Knight Class and miscellaneous starting Equipment/Runes.
  • Fixed bug where Relic rooms would sometimes spawn Nerdy Glasses but then switch to a different Relic when you left and re-entered the room.
  • Fixed bug where the Cellar Door Games splash sound effect was much quieter than intended if the in-game volume settings were low.
  • Fixed bug where a black box would appear next to the player death portrait when playing on OpenGL/Metal.
  • Fixed bug where Charon’s boat was clipping into the terrain in the Garden scene.
  • Fixed bug where the Relics given by Mammon’s Bounty could exceed the intended max stacks.
  • Fixed bug where the +Max HP text popup would gradually move to the right side of the screen if you repeatedly increased your max health.
  • Fixed bug where text popups would not fade out correctly in the Chinese/Korean/Japanese language.
  • Fixed bug where certain statues would Z-fight in the Memory Heirloom room.
  • Fixed bug where the over-Burden gold bonus was not applying correctly after NG+25.
  • Fixed bug where the over-Burden gold bonus was not applying correctly if the Burden requirements had been changed in House Rules.
  • Fixed bug where entering a biome with a gold bonus (Pishon, Mundi, Tower) for the first time would sometimes not apply the gold bonus.
  • Fixed bug where Crow Storm did not target Blightborn Purson.
  • Fixed bug where the pumpkin/gift prop on top of the Drift House would sometimes become invincible.
  • Fixed bug where the character models would sometimes appear incorrectly sized in menu screens.
  • Fixed bug where local teleporters and secret doors were sometimes rendered incorrectly in the Kerguelen Plateau.
  • Increased the zoom speed on the death recap map screen when using a mouse wheel.
  • Fixed bug where dashing while firing Lucent Beam would re-enable gravity once the dash was completed.
  • Rewrote how Silk Slippers is applied to fix some edge cases where it was not triggering as intended (hitting enemies via Lute note explosion would not award a stack).
  • Fixed bug in Death Mark logic to address issues where player would get one less mark with each level of the Burden.
  • Fixed bug where dying to the Death Mark would sometimes not display the Black root death text.
  • Fixed bug where the Death Mark could go into negative values at the Docks.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Castle after losing some Death Marks in the Docks would not reset the Death Mark counter.
  • Fixed bug where getting the Transmogrificator Relic as a Pacifist was not properly switching out the player’s weapon.
  • Fixed bug where the crit damage for Burn and Poison Status Effects were not taking Relic damage mods into account.
  • Fixed bug where Poison Status Effect crit damage was dealing too much.
  • Fixed bug where the Lute’s explosion was not calculating its bonus damage correctly in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed bug where Shotgun would sometimes not automatically fire the second shot when playing the game at a really low fps.
  • Fixed bug where Shotgun would sometimes instantly reload when playing the game at a really low fps.
  • Fixed null ref bug that would sometimes occur when switching Challenges with the Shotgun.
  • Fixed bug where dying when the rumble SFX that plays from the flying hands in the Cave biome would cause the SFX to keep playing.
  • Fixed bug where Umbrella was triggering some old code if active in the air long enough, causing it to shoot projectiles.
  • Fixed bug where Triangulator was not bouncing off trick walls correctly.
  • Reduced chance of Triangulator bouncing off a door instead of breaking through it.
  • Fixed text bug where the Umbrella weapon would show a LOC ID in the Relic room.
  • Fixed bug where the air attack for the Umbrella was applying Spore Burst while standing on an Ivy Platform.
  • Fixed bug where the abandoned Docks had Halloween items in it if you entered with the Festive Trait active.
  • Fixed bug where you could sometimes hear the player’s footsteps SFX loop continuously when using a local teleporter.
  • Fixed bug where changing the game’s quality settings would override the vsync values until the game was relaunched.
  • Fixed some text overrun in Japanese language.
  • Fixed bug where a cloud in the Sun Tower is covering the exit pipe of a local teleporter, causing the player to teleport back to their original location after using it.
  • Fixed bug where players could still perform abilities in a small time window during a scene transition. This was a problem because some abilities would re-enable player gravity after the ability was completed (like the Umbrella attack), causing gravity to kick in too soon and resulting in the player falling through the ground during a transition.
  • Entering the Lineage scene while in the upper area now shows the sky of the upper area in the windows.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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