As you no doubt know by now, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are pretty rough around the edges. While there’s definitely fun to be had in the games, it seems they needed a lot more time in the over before they could be considered technically sound. Yet another video has surfaced proving that point, but at least this time, we see a glitch that works in your favor.

As you can see in the video above, someone has discovered that using two joysticks/thumbsticks to control your character will greatly increase your movement speed. Obviously this wasn’t built into the game as an intended feature, but it’s certainly a welcome one! When you can grab a second controller and move around the game world at double the speed, why not take advantage?!

There’s no doubt this glitch, among many others, will be removed in a future update. In other words, take advantage of this bug while you still can!

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1y ago

Really odd that it only works when the joysticks are at an angle.

I've been having a blast with these games, but man we're they really rushed to market. I get that Pokemon has a lot to deal with because of all the other things that rely on the games launch in order to sell but... Something has got to change.

I've been a staunch GameFreak defender for years and generally think they get a bad rap, but the games quality right now is just not acceptable. It's distracting from an otherwise great experience, and that hurts a lot. Hope that they learn some good lessons, and change their operations to not run into this problem again. I really think that most review scores would have been in the 9/10 range if the game had launched in a stable state.