Sakurai's latest video dives into development of Smash Bros. Melee

The game that made Smash a phenomenon

21 November 2022
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Masahiro Sakurai is back with another game development video, and this one dives into his past to discuss one of his previous works. This time around, the game everyone has been waiting for gets the spotlight.

Today’s video details the process Sakurai went through when creating Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube. While the series got its start on the N64, it’s Melee that really pushed Smash Bros. into being a major series for Nintendo. Melee is still highly regarded today, and is a mainstay at plenty of fighting game tournaments.

The jump from N64 to GameCube was quite a big one, allowing Sakurai a lot more power to create his vision. Sakurai goes into detail on just how strict development on the original Smash Bros. was due to hardware limitations, and also shares how the GameCube’s power opened up all new avenues for the franchise. All in all, a very important milestone in Sakurai’s career!

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