Kirby Café menu gets a Winter revamp

Hot snacks for cold days

22 November 2022
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Kirby Café locations have gotten a fancy menu makeover in honor of the Winter season. A whole new selection of treats are available now at Kirby Café locations, and will remain up for grabs until Feb. 28th, 2023.

The Winter lineup of foods includes Winter-themed drinks and meals, and you can see the complete breakdown below.

  • Winter Kirby Burger & Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta (30th Anniversary Edition)
  • Winter Waddle Dee Burger & Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta
  • Waddle Dee’s Dreaming White Stew
  • Chef Kawasaki’s exciting winter hors d’oeuvre ~with roast beef~ (Includes a souvenir spoon)
  • Transform! Car Mouth Kirby Cake ~Winter Horns~
  • Kirby’s Dream Ricotta Pancake
  • Whispy Woods’ forest bounty tart
  • Includes a souvenir plate
  • Elfilin’s Twinkle ☆ Frozen (Drink)
  • Inlcudes Original Coaster

If you want to get a look at each item, you can find pictures for every entry at the bottom of this page.

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