Legend of Zelda fans are doing their best to patiently wait for the release of Tears of the Kingdom, which arrives on May 12th, 2022. What’s a Zelda diehard supposed to do to keep their sanity while counting down the days to Tears of the Kingdom? In the case of YouTube creator Crossing Crafts, it was the perfect excuse to craft a tiny tribute!

Crossing Crafts decided to turn their attention to Breath of the Wild by creating an absolutely adorable tribute to the game’s Tarrey Town. For those who don’t remember, Breath of the Wild’s Tarrey Town is located in the middle of Lake Akkala. It’s a pretty picturesque location, and one that impresses even more in model form.

This Tarrey Town tribute might be tiny, but it was no small feat. According to Crossing Crafts, putting together this video took over 3 months of work. When you combine build time, recording and editing, the finished produce required over 300 hours of blood, sweat and tears! That’s an insane amount of time and effort to put into a project, but Crossing Crafts can definitely be proud of the end result.

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That is so amazing. That's a real labour of love. The amount of effort that went into making this. I wouldn't have the talent nor the patience.