Jitsu Squad found success on Kickstarter awhile back, and now it’s heading to Switch on December 9th, 2022. Jitsu Squad is the latest beat’em-up to head to Switch in what’s already a rather crowded category. With such heavy-hitters out there, what does Jitsu Squad have to offer that other beat’em-ups don’t? Developer Tanuki Creative Studio shared specifics in an interview with Co-Optimus.

Each playable character has their own unique Epic Super Special, you can create 100 chain-combos, players and bosses have powerful in-game character transformations, we have awesome crossover assist characters, your character can Parry and Counter to increase the strength of your attack, up to 4-player Tag Team combat, unique secondary weapons for each playable character to create awesome combos, and an upgrade system to level up your character and unlock new special moves with fighting game input commands.

We have something that other beat ‘em ups don’t: Tag Team mode, which is based on games such as Marvel vs. Capcom. This awesome feature makes it possible to select up to four characters and switch [between] them during your quest anytime you want! You can team up with a friend and create your own unique insane combos as well! You need to finish the game to unlock this mode.

[Tanuki Creative Studio]

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