Epic faces another Fortnite emote lawsuit

Well...it's complicated

30 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Over the past few years, Epic has been hit with lawsuits over Fortnite emotes. Actors, dancers, and more have all sued Epic for copying their choreography for Fortnite emotes, but Epic always wins the legal battle. That hasn’t stopped more parties from trying to score a victory, and just today another legal battle popped up.

This time around, YouTuber/choreographer Kyle Hanagami claims Fortnite used one of this copyrighted moves in the “It’s Complicated” emote. You can see a comparison of Hanagami’s move and the Fortnite emote above.

There is one major difference for this lawsuit, and it stems from that fact that Hanagami does hold a copyright for moves. No other lawsuit tied to Fortnite emotes came from someone holding a copyright. You’d think that would make this case a clear win for Hanagami, but we’ll have to see how the legal proceedings play out.

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