Season 8 of Knockout City is here! There’s a High Society Heist happening, and Commissioner Chase is investigating the notorious Red Hand Crew behind the mayhem. Brawl and burgle all Season long with intriguing new Playlists, a vault’s worth of new cosmetics, and the all-new Poison Ball for making some perilous plays. Starting today, you can make off like a bandit in Bank Ball, the newest way to Dodgebrawl in Knockout City: High Society Heist.

In this brand new objective-based Playlist, hold the Bank Ball to score points for your team as you flee the scene of the crime. The Bank Ball’s weight will slow you down, so Pass to a nearby teammate to bail you out if you’re surrounded! Earn points faster by landing hits with the Bank Ball. Drain all the points from a Bank Ball, and the next one will spawn in ripe for the stealin’. Earn 100 points first to win!

Bank Ball is the featured playlist of High Society Heist’s Launch event, running from November 29th to December 13th. Claim some crooked rewards for Event Contracts, including a new Epic Glider and Rare Brag!

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