Masahiro Sakurai isn’t just the developer behind huge franchises like Kirby and Smash Bros., he’s also a big fan of games in general! It’s become clear over the years that when Sakurai’s not making games, he’s playing them. That’s why it’s no surprise to see that Sakurai has amassed quite a collection of gaming controllers!

Sakurai took to Twitter to show off his gaming controller collection, and it’s quite an extensive one. Looking at the picture, you can see controllers from the big 3 companies, and across multiple platforms. From Famicom to Wii U, PS4 to Xbox, there’s plenty of options to pick from!

Of course, there are a number of controllers missing from the collection as well. We’re not sure if Sakurai has them stored elsewhere, but there’s no sign of the N64 or Switch Joy-Con here. Looks like Sakurai will need to do a Part II to show off the controllers that didn’t make the cut this time!

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