We’ve known it was coming for months now, but it still stings to see it. Nintendo and Cygames have officially ended service for Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost originally launched for mobile devices back in 2018, and has been providing fresh content ever since. Over the years, Dragalia Lost featured multiple big-name crossovers with franchises like Fire Emblem, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Persona, Rage of Bahamut, and Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

It’s sad to see the game go, but at least we had four long years to enjoy its content. Hopefully you had a great time with Dragalia Lost while it was around.

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1+ y ago

Really hope the IP finds new life somewhere else in Nintendos future. Granblue Fantasy has been growing into full console games and I'd love to see that happen here too.


1+ y ago

Stuff like this reminds me not to spend money on mobile games that will eventually go away.