With Splatoon 3’s chill season right around the corner, the Squid Research Lab has been sharing updates every day for new content coming with this update.

First up, Salmon Run is gaining the ability to make your own “job scenarios”. These scenarios allow you to set stages, enemies, special conditions and more for custom salmon run matches. These job scenarios can also be shared with friends to compete for high scores.

For PVP, the Tentatek Splatershot is making its return, this time sporting the Splat Bombs sub-special and the Trizooka Special. Photo mode is also now available to be used in Recon mode and Private Battles, allowing you to get stage photos alone and with friends!

Check out the whole tweet thread below for more pictures and information.

Splatoon 3’s Chill season starts December 1st. You can check out the initial trailer here.

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