Ahead of the release of unique 3D platformer Togges on Switch December 7th, 2022, Thunderful and Regular Studio have released two videos explaining how the game’s unique “stackforming” mechanics help you explore the game’s unforgettable sandbox environments.

The first of the videos focuses on how the cute living cubes known as “Togge” move via Toomba, kind of a robot vacuum cleaner who can place and stack these colourful creatures. The second explains how they multiply and how their different colours relate to their unique abilities - for example, red are resistant to fire, and yellow can stack extra high.

Taking notes from great classics like Katamari Damacy, Pikmin and Super Mario Galaxy, Togges feels both invigoratingly new and comfortingly familiar. Explore seven gorgeously crafted planets packed with puzzles and surprises and immerse yourself in unimaginable settings with stunning vistas. Explore a futuristic city in the savannah, a whole realm made of carrot cake and get entangled in funny tales, all while making friends around the cosmos.

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