Developer thatgamecompany has released a breathtaking new trailer for Sky: Children of the Light. This trailer was made in collaboration with animator and YouTuber “SAD-ist”, and it gives fans (new and old) a glimpse into the powerful story within Sky: Children of the Light.

Earlier this year, SAD-ist released a fan video, self-described as “a love letter to the community and creators.” Moved by this video, the team at thatgamecompany connected with SAD-ist to produce this trailer.

Along with that, Sky: Children of the Light players will be able to purchase a Journey Pack that includes a bundle of items inspired by the iconic 2012 thatgamecompany title Journey. The Journey Pack is $24.99 USD and comes with a cape, hood and mask, each featuring the same designs worn by the Journey avatars who once traversed desert sands.

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