Absorbent and yellow and porous is any bean who unlocks the SpongeBob Costume in the Fall Guys Season Pass. He’s not alone. His pet, Gary the Snail, makes a surprisingly slick hat as the The Snail’s Meow Wearable.

Fall Guys has also drummed up the 80’s-tastic Bubble Bowl Performance Celebration, and there are even more Patterns, Nameplates, and Nicknames to unlock in the Sunken Secrets Season Pass!

As well as the big yellow guy himself, SpongeBobs chums are available in Fall Guys starting today! Be the brightest star in SpongeBob’s life in a Patrick Costume, or grin like only a squirrel in a diving suit can in the Sandy Costume. You can try bossing the Blunderdome in a Mr. Krabs Costume, or show your disapproval of, well, everything by donning a Squidward Costume.

Phew, this is as crammed as Davy Jones’ stinky sock locker, but there’s still more. A whole load of Patterns, Nameplates, and Nicknames are available, and the Imaginaaation Emote will even make Squidward crack a smile… You can grab SpongeBob’s chums in the Fall Guys store until Dec. 7th, 2022.

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