A new update is available for Don’t Starve Together. You can check out the full patch notes for this update below.

Game Changes

  • Hallowed Nights is now active.

A Little Drama Changes:

  • The Survivors can use the Stage to show off a little bit for whoever is watching
  • The Survivors can don special costumes to help them tell other stories as well.
  • Costumes can be found in the Briars set piece.
  • Added the Mannequins to hold (and show off!) their equipment.
  • Playstyle, Game Mode, and Preset changes:

Added Relaxed preset:

  • Survivors will be damaged but not killed by starving, freezing, overheating, or from the darkness.
  • Survivors will take 35% less damage from all sources.
  • Hound waves and Shadow Creatures from low sanity are set to Less.
  • Ghosts can revive at the Florid Postern and the world will not reset when everyone is dead.
  • Wildfires are disabled.

Game Modes, Presets, and Intention changes:

  • Added a server Playstyle indicator which is determined by the world settings.
  • Users will pick a Playstyle when creating a new server, which will apply the appropriate preset world settings.
  • The Playstyle indicator will be displayed in the server browser where the server intention was previously displayed.
  • Changing the world settings will update the Playstyle indicator to the best matching playstyle.
  • The settings controlled by the Wilderness and Endless game modes can now be set in world settings.\
  • Wilderness and Endless Game modes have been converted to presets. Existing worlds will be retrofitted.\
  • The preset “No Giants Here” has been removed. Existing worlds will not be affected by this.
  • Server intention has been removed (Social/Cooperative/Competitive/Madness).

New world settings:

  • Temperature Damage: Default / Nonlethal (will damage but not kill survivors)
  • Hunger Damage: Default / Nonlethal (will damage but not kill survivors)
  • Darkness Damage: Default / Nonlethal (will damage but not kill survivors)
  • Max Health Penalty: Enabled / Disabled
  • Spawn Mode: If survivors should spawn at the Florid Postern or at a random location.
  • Survivor Death: If you will turn into a ghost or be brought back to the survivor select menu.
  • Ghost Sanity Drain: Controls if there will be a sanity drain on all players when anyone is a ghost.
  • Death Reset Timer: Controls how long you have before the world regenerates when all survivors are dead.
  • Basic Resources: If basic resources, such as saplings and berry bushes, should respawn over time.

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Recipe Cards can now be found throughout the world.
  • Reading a card will say the recipe for a Crock Pot dish.
  • Recipe Cards can be found in Tumbleweeds, Graves, Sunken Chests, and some boons.

Food and Crock Pot Changes:

  • Added 2 Egg Crock Pot recipes.
  • Added a Tallbird Egg Crock Pot recipe.
  • Added 2 Beefalo feed Crock Pot recipes.
  • Adjusted the Stuffed Fish Heads and Veggie Burger cooking priority to prevent multiple results.
  • Banana Shake can no longer be made with meat, fish, or monster meat.
  • Frozen Banana Daiquiri can no longer be made with meat or fish and adjusted the priority to remove the random chance of getting Banana Shake.
  • Ice Cream is now classified as Goodies.
  • Beefalo can now eat Roasted Birchnut.
  • Changed the time for Tallbirds to lay a new egg to be more inline with other food sources.
  • The Fire Pit and Campfire will now drop a charcoal when the fire goes out, if it was fueled to the max stage.
  • Added information, while a ghost, to help new players learn how to revive.
  • Added the Turf-Raiser Helm, a new helmet that you can get from the Antlion.

Community feedback tweaks and changes:

  • Added a loading protection which will protect survivors while the game is loading from things like transferring to the caves.
  • The Cartographer’s Desk can now erase Blueprints, Tackle Adverts, Sketch, Costume Patterns, and Recipe Cards, turning it into one Papyrus.
  • Updated the Scarecrow skins selection UI.
  • Added cooking, fishing, and farming themed boons to the world generation.
  • Ancient Stonework turf blueprint can now be found via the Distilled Knowledge.
  • Digging up the turf in the ruins will now give the turf object.
  • Ruins Turf and Imitation Ruins Turf Blueprints can now be crafted at the Ancient Pseudoscience Station.
  • Tallbirds without a nest will now make a new nest, but only on rocky or dirt turf.
  • Added the Snazzy Pitchfork (golden pitchfork)
  • Increased the number of uses for the Tent and Siesta Lean-to to better reflect their crafting cost.
  • The Camper’s Tent now restores health at the same rate as the Tent.
  • The Straw Roll will now restore some health while sleeping.
  • The Furry Roll will now affect your body temperature while sleeping.
  • Trail Mix can now be made with raw Birchnuts.
  • The Tin Fishin’ Bin now holds up to 20 fish.
  • The Tin Fishin’ Bin can now be built on dock tiles.
  • The Bookcase can now be used to open skins gifts.
  • The Insulated Pack and Seed Pack-It are no longer burnable.
  • Added a confirmation popup for the Reset Now button when all players are dead.
  • Steeped Lunar Essence can now mutate Wobster Mounds and birds.
  • The Distortion Setting has been changed to control the intensity.
  • The Lazy Forager can now be repaired with nightmare fuel.
  • Changed the materials required for building all stages of the Hermit Home. It no longer requires seasonal items.
  • Skittersquids now always drop a Light Bulb.
  • Masts placed on land and the Mannequin can now be rotated with the Fencing Sword.
  • When Warly inspects food, he will now comment if it is something he ate recently.
  • Trick or Treat Chest and Pantomimed Snazzy Pitchfork for login bonus rewards have been re-enabled for a short period

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a save/load bug where the Campfire’s fire would load at the center of the world.
  • Fixed a bug where Gobblers and The Crabby Hermit would think the Banana Bush is a Berry Bush.
  • Fixed Walter’s Guest of Honour hair and hat.
  • Fixed an image artifacting bug with UI images.
  • Fixed an idle animation bug.
  • Fixed invisible baby beefalo hooves.
  • Fixed some old set pieces from generating old Farm Plots; they now generate Drying Racks instead.
  • Fixed a Tallbird Nest save/load bug.
  • Fixed a rare save file corruption when spawning Bearger.
  • Fixed hatching Tallbird Eggs not using all heating and cooling sources.
  • Fixed planted Carrots and Catcoon Dens not regrowing after being burnt.
  • Fixed being unable to see default skins with the weaveable filter on.

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