If you were a Nintendo 64 kid, there’s no doubt Super Mario 64 is forever burned into your memory. Every nook and cranny of the castle, every enemy movement pattern, and of course, every bit of the game’s fantastic soundtrack.

While you may know the songs and sounds of Super Mario 64, you’ve never heard them like this. Musician Global Banker has taken the sounds and sound font of Super Mario 64 to create Hazy Trip 64, a completely original album. Sure, you know these midi instruments, but now you can enjoy them in wholly-original songs!

You can stream Hazy Trip 64 completely for free via the embed above. If you like what you hear enough to own it, you can purchase a digital version for any price you name. Even better, you can gift the album to a friend! If you’re interested in either of those options, you can find them here.


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