As we mentioned earlier today, Dead Cells has just gotten its 28th update, The Bank. 28 updates is nothing to sneeze at, but developer Motion Twin says they’re just getting started.

In a press release shared today, Steve Filby, CEO of Evil Empire said the following.

“This update marks the beginning of a new era for Dead Cells. We have an array of content and ideas we are still creating on our side and it’s important to us to reassure fans who maybe thought after the last paid DLC that we were winding down on development. That is not the case, and we consider Update 28 still in the middle of the game’s lifecycle so there’s certainly more to come.”

If Dead Cells is in the middle of its lifecycle after 28 updates, I guess the dev team really does have a lot more planned! That content schedule is sure to include both paid and free DLC, and we’ll make sure to bring you details on every last bit as info becomes available.

[PR email]

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