You probably haven’t heard of Atari’s Akka Arrh. It was a 1982 arcade game with only a small number of cabinets distributed to a test market before it was scrapped due to its reported difficulty.

Today, two decades later, Atari has announced that developer Jeff “Yak” Minter, founder of the development studio Llamasoft, is reimagining Akka Arrh for modern platforms. A release date has not been shared, but according to the end of the trailer, it’s “coming soon” to Switch. Check out more details on the game below.

A Whirlwind of Electrifying Color: From the mind of Jeff Minter, players will experience a cascade of words, color, shapes and sound flows as they mount the Akka Arrh and fend off attackers. An explosion of dazzling neon graphics, Akka Arrh is a visually stunning, action-packed arcade shooter.

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Akka Arrh shares the name with the game’s titular star cannon, in which players control from a fixed turret called the Sentinel. Featuring fast-paced wave-shooter action, players will prevent enemies from penetrating the Sentinel’s perimeter, zooming into close range combat and beat them back if they penetrate their defenses.

Mystifying Modes to Master: With two modes of play, pilots can start from the beginning and battle their way through 50 unique levels, or pick up where they left off to power through to the end

Accessibility is Key: Though Llamasoft is known for mind-blowing and vivid visual effects, not everyone is able to enjoy them. Luckily, in the remake players are able to toggle the visual effects to a more suitable level.

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