Puzzle by Nikoli S: Nurikabe crosses over to Switch today

Hope this release doesn't make you cross

08 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

HAMSTER Co. is happy to announce that Puzzle by Nikoli S: Nurikabe will release for Switch today. The title is priced at just $5.

In this super popular puzzle, black spaces and white spaces slowly come together to show their true form. “Nurikabe” is a puzzle in which you refer to the arranged numbers to fill in all of the spaces. It’s popular with a wide range of players, from beginners to experts. It feels great watching the black spaces stretch out like a soft-bodied animal.

Just like quizzes and shogi games, the quality of the questions makes a difference in the fun of puzzles. Nikoli, which published Japan’s first puzzle magazine “Nikoli” in 1980, has devoted itself to pencil puzzles. The quality of Nikoli’s puzzle problems is highly rated, and in fact, it is said that the British luxury newspaper “Guardian” published “SUDOKU” and greatly increased the number of copies. In this work, all the puzzles recorded are produced by Nikoli. Nikoli, a puzzle expert, also participated in the design of the user interface.

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